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What can you expect from a Studio Fit 2533 Class?

Benefits of our workouts include improved strength, posture, flexibility, balance, stability, endurance and muscle definition, as well as weight loss and reduced stress.

Barre classes are suitable for all levels of fitness.

Small class sizes - no more than 12 participants in any session - ensure that you receive the personalised attention from the trainer


At Studio Fit 2533, you'll find a variety of classes from which to choose. Whether you enjoy dance or are a fan of bootcamp-style training (or why not both?), then we can say with confidence that you'll find a session that will suit you!


Fit Barre

This class offers a dynamic workout incorporating strength, mobility and cardio.


  • Classes are modified to suit all levels of fitness

  • We work around any pre-existing injuries you might have

  • Equipment includes resistance bands and weights

  • Workout for all muscles groups

This class is a full body workout
that ticks all the boxes!


Dance Barre

A class for anybody who enjoys dance and wants to benefit from the core strength aspect of traditional barre techniques.
  • Warm-up with an easy-to-follow dance combination that is guaranteed to get the blood flowing and put a smile on your face. 

  • No dance experience required to enjoy the benefits. No competition here!

  • Equipment used includes Ballet Barre, Chi Balls
    and occasionally light dumbbells

  • Basic Ballet technique conditioning exercise

  • Benefit from improving your posture muscle strength and balance. 

  • Improve cognitive skills and co-ordination


Increased overall and core strength,
mobility, flexibility are our goals.

dance barre_edited.jpg

Floor Barre

A fusion of Pilates and body conditioning
done entirely on a mat.​

  • Focusing on core strength and suitable for all levels

  • Equipment used includes Chi balls, resistance bands and light dumbells

  • Benefits include overall improved strength as well as increased mobility of muscles and joints

A challenging workout - and one that you will feel the effects of days later!


Raising the Barre

This class offers an intense cardio workout combining strength and interval training.

  • You do not have to be crazy fit to start but you do need to be physically injury free and keen to sweat

  • Multi levels are offered in order for you to build up your fitness

  • We'll use resistance bands, the step as well as dumbells

  • Cardio moves are included - burpies, mountain climbs and jump lunges

A tough 45 minute class that will get your blood pumping and make you sweat up a storm!


Barre Combo

Barre Combo combines elements from all of our classes, creating a truly unique workout.

  • The focus changes every week

  • No dance element in this class

  • Equipment that may be used includes step, resistance bands, mats, Chi balls, gliders and dumbells

​We may find ourselves on the floor one week and on the step the next...


Feel the stress in your shoulders and neck melt away as the tightness in your back eases.

  • We offer three stretch classes each week - one runs for 45 minutes, the others for a full hour each. 

  • Neural stretches increase blood flow to areas of your body that carry tension

  • Help to relieve pain and decrease stress - naturally

  • Improved quality of life and better sleep

The benefits of increased flexibility and improved mobility carry through into every aspect of daily life.


Golden Barre

The Golden Barre class is a functional class aimed at giving our senior members a better quality of life. 

  • Gentle exercise designed to improve flexibility and mobility

  • Benefits cognitive skills and co-ordination, improved balance and overall strength and conditioning

  • Equipment used includes Chi balls, light dumbbells, and resistance bands


Always ending in a cup of coffee at our
favourite local coffee & book shop


Andre's boxing class is an intense boxing workout, sparring with partners. 


  • Learn combinations and work on skill

  • Hard core boxing class

  • Cardiovascular workout

  • Improve co-ordination and speed-up reflexes

This class is not included in the regular membership fees and is payable per class upon arrival at the studio.

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